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FOR AGES 8-10 & 11-13 AUTUMN 2015 - APRIL 2016

  • Posted On: 22 July 2015
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A pilot scheme of workshops funded by NYMAZ, and delivered by Richmond Jazz Festival in liaison with primary and secondary schools, the youth service and community venues. The workshops will be delivered as out of school activities and be flexible enough to allow whole year/cross year groups, cluster groups and wider community participants to work together performing music that involves improvisation and encourages creativity. It is also hoped that the workshops will encourage participants to continue music-making from primary school to secondary school.

The workshops will be open to those who sing or play an instrument and to those who do not but would like to. The aim of the workshops is to help participants to begin to gain the knowledge, skills, experience and confidence to create their own music through improvising - 'playing by ear'. Experience of 'playing by ear' is not necessary.

By the end of a workshop, everyone will have experienced improvising and will go away with some ideas about how to approach creating their own music.

The workshops will be led by Paul Edis, PhD, MA, BMus (Hons) assisted by a colleague.

Schools will be asked to book a workshop directly, cluster together to book a joint workshop or to promote an out of school workshop.

Full details will shortly appear on the Richmond Jam: Workshops page.

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